Dansk Kendo Societet på dansk


The sense of fellowship arises from the fact that all the groups preserve traditions within Japanese swordsmanship prior to the modern period of Japan (prior to 1868). That is to say that behavior, symbolism, and techniques uphold the traditions. Historically the ethics of the Japanese were that the group was valued higher than the individual. This idea mean that the classical samurai, without expectation of tangible rewards, served traditions in order to preserve the group.

Criteria for Society Membership

Groups seeking admission to Danish Kendo Society must meet the following criteria:

  • Preserve one or more of the following disciplines prior to the modern era of Japan (prior to 1868): Iaijutsu, kenjutsu, and/or kendo.
  • Maintain bujutsu, including the principle of katsujinken, and/or the old budo system, kobudo and consider these methods as historic and cultural educations rather than entertainment or sport.
  • Manage the group on a non-commercial basis.